Monday, May 22, 2017

An enchanted life in radio

***This is a job post I put on a radio industry website called allaccess last week. I posted it in the situations wanted portion of their job board. I went all out using every component the  template that the site would allow so there are photos, videos and audio. The posts on this portion of the allaccess site are usually deleted after two weeks and I wanted to save this for posterity. It is as fun to read as it was to write. My career has been nothing short of enchanting. I was one of the lucky ones.

Creative Wingnut On The Loose AHHHH RUN FOR YOUR LIVES
Hi my name is Jessie and I did afternoons for KDGE in Dallas for 16 years before a format flip in November. After some much needed time off I am back and looking to expand my wings, indulge a life long wanderlust and actively looking for work overseas (UAE, Australia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Guam, Saipan, Samoa, New Zealand, Africa, Portugal, UK, Mars)

                                                            "oh deer"

I'm a wildly passionate, creative and dedicated air talent fully adaptable to any environment and format although my primary experience has been in alternative and rock realms. My greatest joy is connecting with listeners. One of my favorite memories is this family. Her mom had called in to win tickets to Twenty One Pilots and I told her I'd wait to air the call until I knew they would be in the car. Her sister filmed it. So many emotions in just 24 seconds.

My promo reel reflects additional charming and fun listener engagement. It also highlights one of my greatest talents which are interviews. I have a knack for taking guests on a journey that is as enjoyable for them as it is for the fans who are listening. Whether it is mangling a happy birthday greeting to Shaun from Seether or Alex from Franz Ferdinand talking about selling butt fat to make the rent or even Tom Morello denying a hilarious rumor from childhood, everyone has a great time. I am always respectful, super prepared but most of all I am really really fun.

One of my happiest band interview moments was literally turning New Politics...New PAWlitics into Basset Hounds. They had posted a picture on twitter so I drew it and mailed my drawing to a company who could bring my drawing to life. Then I introduced them to their basset selves the next time they came thru town.

 The video of their reaction is nothing short of MAGICAL.

I'm big into cosplay and usually dress up in goofy costumes for shows and also for interviews because it totally disarms road weary bands and can change the trajectory of an interview before it even starts.
I go the extra mile.
Swim the extra lap.
Give the extra oomph.
It's not shift, it's a party.

I'm always on top of trends, the goofier the better. KFC romance novel? Sho nuff.

To this day I follow the advice of my great radio hero, the legendary Gary Owens, whose sacrosanct radio rule was that a real pro should prepare for one hour for each hour they are on the air. This ethos has served me well throughout my exciting career.

With Prince's first manager Owen Husney and his long time friend and band mate Andre Cymone in Minneapolis April 2017

I'm super engaged across all social media platforms and love love LOVE to write. I am a passionate & prodigious producer and blogger. My blog was an integral component to my show in Dallas. I was one of the most consistent and highly rated and regarded bloggers in our cluster AND the entire country. The journey continues...

Listeners will literally do ANYTHING for Deftones tickets.  This was a DefTOES contest and fans went all out. That Wolfman still cracks me up

 Ultimately I'm not looking for a "job" what I really hope to find is my new family. One that is made up of fellow goofy, passionate, adventurous creative, curious, fun loving, thoughtful, free wheeling bohemian spirits who support and promote each other for the greater good of the team, the station, the brand and most important of all the community. We are in it together. Thank you for checking out my grand opus.