Sunday, April 02, 2017

My OS measurement

A few years ago I crushed on a creative cupcake connoisseur who had designed one for some weird contest. It HAD to be weird because how else do you explain a cupcake that looks like dead Lenin entombed in a hot dog bun riding a wave of poo?

I found the creative madman behind this unhinged creation and sent him a letter just to say how much I appreciated his utterly demented approach and the letter I got back was nothing short of magical.  His name is Burton and he responded by commenting on my operating system which shoots sparks and sizzles when I'm happy. He said "I have reason to believe that you operate at a higher MFz output than I do. (MFz or MegaFonzies)" That is the nicest compliment I have ever received from anyone especially one who put Lenin in a hot dog bun riding on a wave of poo on a cupcake.