Sunday, April 02, 2017

Designing my resume

I had an idea for a resume that would really capture my creative side in a tangible & meaningful way. I am going old school and mailing out resumes that reflect my passion for creativity. I designed a cereal box cover for
Jessie Pops. It is not done as I plan to do a goofy drawing under the bubble about the prize inside (which will be my aircheck on a usb)

I also wanted a fun game tied to music on the other side so put the drawing/game I did inspired by David BOWIE as a band search on the back

now I need to work on the sides with nutrition info which will be my resume and ingredients on the other side w/ everything that makes me a valuable air talent. Passion, imagination, coffee, miracle whip, M&Ms, glitter, etc lol 

UPDATE: Click here to see the finished version. It came out so beautiful