Friday, May 19, 2017

How to turn a band you LOVE into basset hounds

Love me these sweet boys in New PAWlitics.

I loved them SO much i turned them into basset hounds literally
I've been teaching myself to draw for 6 years and practice by drawing bands that i love. NP used to do a WOOF wednesday where they would photoshop their heads on to dogs and it made my drawing hand twitch so here is the before and the after, I am getting so good. lol

but it wasnt enough to just draw them because I am extra af and decided to go another step by sending drawing to Budsies who literally turned them into the dogs they are. That is a compliment ok? Dogs are cute as hell and everybody loves them and so it goes with New PAWlitics

Then I waited. For edgefest where I introduced the guys to their canine selves and it was in a single word. MAGIC . Look at this joy. I MADE THIS.
The video is even better

I occasionally get photos of the dogs and David as a bunny (that is another story for another time)