Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Pay it No Mind

As a longtime advocate for LGBTQIA I'm a great admirer of Marsha P Johnson who was at the forefront of the protests at Stonewall. I was introduced to her thru a documentary named after what she told people the P in her name stood for. Pay It No Mind

Marsha co-founded STAR: Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries in 1970. STAR was a transgender rights group and a shelter for homeless trans teens and drag queens. She threw the first brick at Stonewall and there is a sumptuous film about the hours leading up to Stonewall you should check out called Happy Birthday Marsha.

Official Trailer for Happy Birthday, Marsha! from sasha wortzel on Vimeo.

She was murdered in 1992 but authorities declared it a suicide. Her supporters fought long and hard to get her case re-investigated which it was in 2012.(read more here) I keep trying to find out what the outcome of the new investigation was and the only updated info I could find that mentioned it is a new documentary called The Death & Life of Marsha P Johnson