Wednesday, March 08, 2017


I got a package from Pancake Dan last week. He is a wonderful artist whose work I discovered when I saw a painting of Justin Bieber balancing a buttery pancake on his penis.(see it here)

I googled it to find out just who could be responsible for such madness and VOILA Dan. He is based in Minnesota and I met him in person after Prince died when I flew up to pay my respects and say goodbye to the love of my musical life. Dan has done hundreds of portraits of Prince in the past 10 months and this one spoke to me the deepest. It reminded me of something Owen Husney, Prince first manager, said when asked about what stood out in his memory about their first meeting. He said:

"his eyes....there was a burning there"

 Dan included another magical piece. A painting of the memorial on the fence that initially surrounded Paisley Park. All of the mementos have since been removed by the frothing heartless avaricious jackals running the operation now... but I won't be spilling that tea here today. No I will remain cool calm and collected whilst admiring beautiful art for a magnetic spirit whose shattering death will haunt me until my own