Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Grief is monsters

When my sweet baby Clementine died in my arms I fell apart. You can't watch your best friend of 10 years be put down and not somehow lose a part of yourself in the process.

I went into a spiral in the wake of her shocking death and it was made worse when vet called a few weeks later and asked me to come by. My warm frito scented bed hogging butt wagging best friend was now ashes. In a box. When someone youve loved for eternity comes home in box how do you cope with that. They never taught that in school and it would have served me better than home ec. or calculus ever did.

Grief is frightening and stalks you like some of the classic monsters of yore. Music and film have always been a great escape from the alchemy of day to day and so too art. I started teaching myself to draw several years ago and its zen meditative qualities are very cathartic.

When I lost Clem my sadness came thru my pencil in what is my most passionate portrait since I started drawing with mere stick figures 6 years ago. I LOVE Monster Magnet and drew a portrait of Dave Wyndorf with the classic Monster Magnet from his youth and the inspiration for the band moniker. And I gave it the job it was meant to do and the monsters are quite stunning for a novice like me whose passion frequently exceeds her talent. This is every tear, every sleepless night, every crack in a heart shattered by loss.