Saturday, March 18, 2017

NIN Facetimes with dying fan

Nine Inch Nails music has been a corner stone of my life since I found them in 1989 and I will love them forever. My FAVORITE memory of their live shows was my first one at The Thomas & Mack in Vegas in 1996. When I got frisked for chains at the gate and then saw the most beautiful fairy in all the land. She was a brunette decked out in a pink tutu with massive sparkly wings and in her hand was a severed bloody head. Marilyn Manson opened and when he jumped from the tops of the mushroons that were part of his stage set up while fondling the detachable penis attached to his skimpy panties my bff screamed NOW THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT.

Flashback to in November of 2013
"And the sky is filled with light....can you see it?"
 photo 206eabda-be6f-417d-8d18-9b27b4bae714_zps4b8d5110.jpg
 Nine Inch Nails were back in Vegas for a show when front man Trent Reznor pulled out his phone during their set to facetime with a longtime fan and photojournalist (Andrew Youssef) who could not make the show because doctors had given him only a few weeks left to live. You can hear the crowd chanting his name ANDREW ANDREW ANDREW. Trent dedicated In This Twilight to him. It is a stunning moment full of love and compassion. I love Trent Rezno's kind, gentle & generous heart with my whole soul