Sunday, April 14, 2013

140 characters of gratitude...give or take (new & improved with cotton candy)

From: Jessie
Subject: thanks so much
Date: Friday, April 12, 2013, 12:06 AM

Hey Mark
   I am an absurd artist in Dallas who has been teaching herself to draw (much to the horror of my friends and family who have been scarred for life by one of my monsterpieces I call Vagina Clown Car.) It is as horrible as it sounds but I love it because it is mine and I honestly had no idea my pencil was capable of such dastardly provocations. The sideways glares my work has inspired seems to be propelling me onwards and downwards and that is ok because I heard a rumor all the cool people are in hell .
   I just HAD to write to you to thank you for your wonderful tutorials on youtube. ESPECIALLY hands which have been my is my dragon with cotton candy, I don't know how many fingers dragons have so I was generous and gave him 2 plus an opposable thumb just to  be safe lest anyone try to steal his fluffy treat.

 photo imdra_zps4748fc96.jpg

DANGER RUN ON SENTENCE LOOMING: I have no "basics" and can't find someone locally who can teach me without simultaneously draining my measly bank account but am a voracious reader so study books on anatomy and such but it is hard sometimes to translate the verbal to the pad so your visually oriented lessons have been a real blessing and my mom will blame you for the self portrait I am working on, which is me as Gulliverina maniacally licking an ice cream cone full of horrified slobber drenched clowns...hmmm the psychiatrists would have something to say about this but it's what's in my head and must be exorcised.

When I finally publish a book I want it to be scratch n sniff and everything will smell like popcorn, cotton candy & circus peanuts.
Thanks for helping me.
PS I know you said twitter was best for reaching you but I had more than 140 characters worth of gratitude and my clowns need room. Big shoes are such a pain in the tookus....tuckus ...butt
Jessie Jessup